Exzakta Meccanica Limited, founded in 1992, develops and manufactures high-quality circular weaving machines, leno looms, and cheese winder machines. Exzakta Meccanica products are available in four, six, and eight shuttle models and provide for efficient, low maintenance fabrication of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) woven materials. The company, focused on both domestic and overseas markets, is known for the exceptional workmanship and performance of its products and for its comprehensive client service.

Four, Six and Eight Shuttles – High Speed Circular Weaving Machine Manufacturer in INDIA
High Speed – Inverter driven Cheese winders for woven sack.
4 and 6 Shuttles – LENO Weaving Machine Manufacturer. Click for Products

Mission : To substitute the machinery of foreign make in the cost factor but, adhere to maintain the quality standards up to the International Standards, the company’s Mission to produce their products for the economic benefits to the industry.


Vision : Time span of 20 years the company has achieved the reputation and credibility about the products workmanship and after sales services to the customers demand. The company’s Vision to substantiate the name of Exzakta Meccanica to prove to the best of ability.